Frequently Asked Questions:


Q1: Is early check-in available? 

A:  This is dependent on occupancy on the day of your arrival so we cannot guarantee in advance, as rooms may be occupied last minute the day prior.  If we have a huge turnaround, then we will ask you to come back at 3pm, only on extenuating circumstance, will we try to complete your room earlier.


Q2: Is late check-out available?

A:  Yes, it is available at a cost of 10 dollars per additional hour with latest checkout time being 2pm after which a 50% of the room rate of the next day will be charged, based on availability.


Q3: How close are you located to the Public Hot Springs Pool?

A:  Public Hot Spring Pool is only 70 meters away; 1 minute walking distance.  Please check for more details by clicking on the button below.


Q4: How close are we to the lake?

A: We are fronting the water in front of the newly built walkway. 


Q5: How close are you to the Harrison Hot Springs Resort?

A: We are the property right next to it. 


Q6: Are pets allowed on Premise?

A: Yes, we only accommodate well trained and behaved dogs as PET for a pet fee of $20/pet/night.  We do limit pet size to 25 lbs unless the dog is a service dog.  At time of booking, please contact us after making a reservation to make sure that that room is a pet room or to be moved to one. Please contact us if unsure. We may grant exceptions.   (Rules: Pets are not to be left unattended in room, must be leashed, and cannot go on top of white top sheets. All damages and non-removal of stains on top sheets will be billed to the guest.)

Q7:  Can we park our car if we arrive early?

A: Yes, as long as we have parking available on site and you are staying with us.  Please reminder that at time of registration, we will take your licence plate number as we have limited number of parking spaces. 


Q8:  Can we park our car after check-out time?

A: You may leave the car after checkout time but please keep in mind mind that we do have incoming guests who would have to park their car and check-in time is at 3pm.  Parking fee is


Q9:  What is there on site?

A: We have Yukiya Sushi restaurant and The Blue Dandelion gift shop on our property. 


Q10:  What is our cancellation Policy?

A: You must cancel 3 days before check-in for individual booking & 1 week for bookings of 3 or more rooms under one name is our standard cancellation policy. (For example, you must cancel on Monday for a Friday check-in in order to avoid a charge.) Penalty of 1 day's room charge plus 16% will be applied if you fall within those days.


Q11: When do we process the payment?

A: We have the right to process payment any time during the cancelation period for the full amount with the credit card on file, but we normally do it at time of check-in so that you have the option of choosing whichever payment form you like. 


Q12: Do we accept visa debit, Mastercard debit as a form of securing the room?

A: Unfortunately we do not. If your credit card is not valid, we will be in the option of canceling your reservation so make sure you put in the right valid credit card. If in doubt call us. 


Q13: What does the kitchen units include?

A: Units with kitchen come with Microwave, full fridges, and stove top at a minimum, but more so a full stove, please inquire if you need an oven in advance. In the cabinets and drawers you will wine glasses, mugs, glasses, large & small plates, bowls, cutleries for the number of occupants plus a 3 piece knives, 2 frying pans, 1 corkscrew & wine opener, 3 cooking pots and a cutting board. Dryer rack, sponge and dish soap for cleaning dishes. A cleaning fee of 10 dollars will be applied if dishes left not cleaned. Available upon request at check-in is toaster and kettle, and a 4 cup regular coffee maker however only a limited number available. Return at check-out. 


Q14: What are lobby hours and what is found in the lobby?

Lobby hours 830am - 9pm weekdays Sun-Thurs, 10pm weekends Fri-Sat. Hair Dryer, Iron and board, non-slip bathtub mats available upon request. Please request at time of check-in and return at time of check-out.  


Q15: What is there to purchase?

We sell Water $1, Pop $1.5, Red Bull $3. We will soon have a vending machine in order to provide more option. 


Q15: Laundry

A: We can do your laundry for $8 a load after our laundry is done. Please bring them between 5-8pm. 


Q16: Kayak Rental

A: We have singles and Tandems on site.  The cost $40 for single ($20 thereafter) ; $60 for tandem ($30 thereafter) for the first 2 hours. We can also do a multi-day use during your lengthy stay. Please allow 15 mins of preparation, 15 minutes of paperwork and video viewing if first time users. 


Q17: Shoreline Tour bookings

A: We do shoreline tour bookings so speak to us and we will book your trip and print your boarding pass for you. 


Q18: Bbq Rental

A: We have propane fired bbq rental available for $20 per 2 hour. We will provide you with tongs, burger flippers, and grill scrapper. You may bring your own butane or propane bbq to use. Book at time of check-in. 


Q19: Picnic Tables

A: We have 3 picnic tables for use in the green space.


Q19: Smoking in room

A: Will not be tolerated period and a $200 charge will be applied. 3 meters away from any entry points, including windows is the bylaw. 


Q20: Quiet Time

A: 9 pm -9 am is quiet time, and we ask that everyone to keep noise at a minimum anywhere on property. 


Q21:   Why does  room price vary?

A: We have weekday/weekend price.  To take advantage of our lower pricing, visit us on Sunday through to Thursday, for a great price. On top of this, we also work on a DYNAMIC PRICING, in which price will vary based on supply.  Please book your room in advance when inventory is high and prices are low.