Frequently Asked Questions:


Q1: Is early check-in available? 

A:  This is dependent on occupancy on the day of your arrival so we cannot guarantee in advance, as rooms may be occupied last minute the day prior.  Weekends being more difficult, we suggest that you come close to check-in time.  If we have a room available within your room type we will accommodate you AT NO COST.


Q2: Is late check-out available?

A:  Yes, it is available at a cost of 20% of the last day room rate per additional hour.  We also have a latest check-out time until 2pm, at 50% of the room rate of your last day stay. 


Q3: How close are you located to the Public Hot Springs Pool?

A:  Public Hot Spring Pool is only 150 meters away; 1 minute walking distance.  Please check for more details by clicking on the button below.


Q4: How close are we to the lake?

A: We are right on the edge of the Lake, in front of the newly built walkway. 


Q5: How close are you to the Harrison Hot Springs Resort?

A: We are the property right next to it. 


Q6: Are pets allowed on Premise?

A: Yes, we do accommodate pets at a charge of $15/pet/night.  We do limit pet size to 20 lbs.  At time of booking, please let us know so we can choose a pet-designated room as we have guests with pet allergies.


Q7:  Can we park our car if we arrive early?

A: Yes, as long as we have parking available on site and you are staying with us.  Please reminder that at time of registration, we will take your licence plate number as we have limited number of parking spaces. 


Q8:  Can we park our car after check-out time?

A: Parking in the public area is free so we ask guests to try to park outside after check-out. If no parking is found in public areas, then please do leave your car parked with us.  Please keep in mind mind that we do have incoming guests who would have to park their car and check-in time is at 3pm. 


Q9:  What is there on site?

A: We have Yukiya Sushi restaurant and Island View gift shop on our property. 


Q10:  What is our cancellation Policy?

A: A 72 hour (3 days) for individual booking & 120 hour (5 days) for bookings of 4 or more rooms under one name is our standard cancellation policy. Penalty of 1 day's room charge will be applied if you fall within those hours.


Q11:   Why does  room price vary?

A: We have seasonal prices and weekday/weekend price.  On top of this, we also work on a DYNAMIC PRICING, in which price will vary based on demands.  Please book your room in advance when inventory is high and prices are low.